Excited About a New Hay Day Major Update - Here's Why?

If there's one thing Supercell is good at, it's marketing the hell out of something while refusing to deliver more information than it wants to. People out there know a lot more about the Hay Day than we do. There are developers, programmers, directors, advertising folk and PR reps that know exactly what SuperCell is up to, what its plan is for the future and just how great Hay Day is. But it's as if some sort of game industry mafia has silenced them. No one will say a word without the Big S's approval for fear of retribution.

You have to hand it to the company -- to our knowledge, there are no leaks. No disgruntled engineers have come forth to spill all knowledge on the system. No one has said any more about the Hay Day's capabilities than SuperCell has allowed them to say. You have to be impressed with its ability to keep a secret.

Some information is still trickling, albeit slowly. We have an unconfirmed list of possible SuperCell developers. Yeah, yeah, we know it's no big deal. But it's better than nothing. We know that some developers are getting development kits. We know that certainly some first- and second-party developers, such as Rare and Retro, are getting into the action. That's better than nothing.

The fact of the matter is, other than the system's name and shape, we have very little information. A lot of it is speculative -- Retro might be making the next platform, but that's unconfirmed. Nintendo might be working on an amazing new Zelda game, but that's also unconfirmed.

And let's face it -- software is where the action is. Hay Day could clean dishes, warp the time-space continuum or cure cancer -- but if the games suck, no one will buy it (well, they might for the dish-cleaning thing).

Luckily, we don't have too much longer to wait. In May 2015, at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, SuperCell will release more information. Okay, maybe few months is a long time. At that point, we'll likely get official confirmation of the Hay Day hack online update's launch lineup, a final idea of its launch date and, most likely, a price-point for the system. Then the flurry of furious news reporting will start again. And with any luck, the news won't slow down until well after the game's launch. All we have to do is get through the next few months. Here's hoping it goes by quickly.


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